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Fritz Neubauer

Tomer wrote:

My g-g-g-g-grandfather, Michael SQUARENINA (1774-1870), born and buried in
Nadasch [1],was a Hebrew typesetter, and worked for the famous printer
Anton Edler von Schmid in Pressburg (Bratislava, Slovakia) and in Vienna.

I recently got a report by a relative who wrote, in 1957:
"Michael was a master printer and he produced the first Hebrew Sidurim
(prayer books) known to be printed in the Austrian Empire. Speciments of
his craftsmanship, dating back to the late 18th century, and bearing his
imprint, were amongst the treasures of the library of Leipzig
(Bibliographische Institut)...."
(The end of this paragraph is missing)

Does anyone knows where else I might look for the books (besides Israeli
universities), or has a link to the catalogue (or even mailing address)
of the Leipzig Bibliographische Institut ?

Dear Tomer,

"Bibliographisches Institut" in Leipzig does not refer to a library but
to a publishing house that used to publish the official German
dictionary on German orthography, usually referred to as "Duden". After
the German separation in two Germanies the publishing house continued to
publish in the then German Democratic Republic (DDR), even though in
West Germany the "Duden" publishers had opened up a new publishing house
"Bibliographisches Institut" in Mannheim. For the duration of the German
separation these two publishing houses with the same name and two German
Duden orthography dictionaries were fighting and published their
respective version of German orthography, After reunification the West
German publishers, now called "Duden Verlag" bought up the East German
publishers, and a few weeks ago I read that the last four jobs left of
the old publishers in Leipzig were closed down.

I find it likely that the text on Michael is >from an encyclopedia that
was published by the Bibliographische Institut Leipzig at some point in

I hope that helps to stop you >from continuing to look for a library in
Leipzig that never existed. Where the archives of the Leipzig archives
went is another question, but even there they would not have a specific
book of your relative.

With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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