Film with title something like "My Hungarian Mother" #hungary


Hi, looked in the normal places for an answer to this but nothing...

Does anyone recall a fictional film based on a true story, perhaps a=20
German or German-Hungarian production, called something like "My=20
Hungarian Mother" released perhaps 10 to 15 years ago? I believe it was=20
in German, but I am not sure if I saw it in the USA or in Europe.

It tells the story of a woman and her daughter and I think her=20
daughter's friend >from Sweden and what happened to them during the=20
deportations of mid-1944 >from Budapest or another large town in Hungary.=20
The mother survived by some kind of quirk, or her perseverance, etc.

Please answer off-list.

Todd Edelman.


EDELMAN (Tokaj),
FRIEDMAN (Plavec/Palocsa/Tokaj),
KLEIN (P=FCsp=F6klad=E1ny, Debrecen),
KUNSZTLER (Budapest, P=FCsp=F6klad=E1ny, Perecseny),
MALEK (Ruscova,Petrosani,Temesvar/Timisoara),
SUSHOLZ (Perecseny),
WEISSBERGER (Medzilaborce)

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