Searching for Samuel Weiss (Shmuel Veis) cousin of Alexandar Herlinger #hungary


While researching my Grandfather's family (Jacob Herlinger; born Urmeny Slovakia 27 May 1873; married 9 Nov 1911 to Maria Adler of Munich; died 5 March 1932 Munich), Marelynn Zipser and Shaul Sharoni were extremely helpful in my search.

from the 1869 Hungarian Census, Marelynn could help me identify the following:
Jacob is the son of Leopold Herlinger (born 1842 in Salgo, Slovakia; died 1914?; married to Fani Schenk born in Urmeny 1846)
Jacob had 6 Siblings
1) Pauline (born 1866 Urmeny) Married 14 April 1891 to Jakob Heller (born 1870)
2) Adolf (born 1868 Urmeny)
3) Leni (born 23 Jun 1870 Urmeny)
4) Wilhelm (born 20 Feb 1875, Urmeny)
5) Sandor (born 11 June 1879 Urmeny)
6) Alexander (born 1 Nov 1879) married to Berta Hermann (born 23 Jan 1882)

Shaul found a listing in the Yad Yashem data base >from Alexander and his wife Berta ("Alexader Herlinger was born in Urmin , CZ to Leopold and Fani"). The report was submitted by his cousin Shmuel Vies, a Shoah survivor. (

With Shaul's assistance we requested any additional information on Shmuel (Samuel Weiss son of Meshulam and Dvora) >from the Israeli Department of Interior and the burial society in Natanya, but they have no references to Shmuel (Samuel) in their records. The reply >from the Natanya burial society may indicate the Shmuel (Samuel) may have lived somewhere else in his life or that his parents registered Hebrew names are different than listed in the Yad Vashem data base.

Request: Assistance in finding additional information on Shmuel (Samuel) and possibly any of his family.


Mike Baum
Austin, Texas

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