JewishGen List Format Rules #hungary


Jewishgen rules are to not post messages with
accented characters, because they don't go
through the list server properly, and become
unreadable on the recipients' systems.
(regardless of whether it looks right at your
end.) most accented characters get replaced with
odd non-letters, which is very hard to decipher.

....... tom klein, toronto

ps. for example, aáeéiíoö?uúü?, which should be
aa'ee'ii'oo:o"uu'u:u". this representation is
somewhat clumsy, but works.

Moderator: Thanks are due to Tom for his reminder about the shortcomings of our
current mail-list program, which can't handle accented fonts. The good news is that
we anticipate a correction to this longstanding problem in the near future. Until
then, please review your messages to ensure that they do not include accents,
diacritics, or other marks that Lyris can't understand.

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