Shtetl Pobelov #belarus

Mikhoyel Basherives <mikhoyel@...>

My family came >from shtetl Pobelov (accent on first syllable & this is
how they also wrote the name in the Yiddish alphabet) which I am sure using
the Shtetl Seeker is the village of Pobolovo/Pobalava according to all the
directions I was given my entire life >from my older relatives. Pobalava is
exactly where I expected Pobelov to be though we were informed apparently
mistakenly that the entire tiny village was burned to the ground by Nazis
but rebuilt about 1&1/2 miles away. In my family's day it had only 200-250
inhabitants all of whom were Jews except for 2 or 3 Gentiles including the
priest & shames of the shul (!) who was also the shepherd for the village.
It has the coordinates on MapQuest 5301 2947 & is 109.6 miles ESE of Minsk
about a mile off A250. I have never heard of anyone who ever heard of it.
They then moved to Bobruisk.
My question is that I always was told in Yiddish that the family "shtampt
op fun minsker gubernye" but according to the maps it seems that Pobalava
is no longer in Minsk gubernya. Can someone tell me in which gubernya it is
now, perhaps the very helpful Yuri Shcherbina?
Thank you,

Mikhoyel Basherives
Marin County, Calif.

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