Re: Kohns and Brauns near Marosvasarhely #hungary


sorry to be a grump - i would love to try and=20
help, but i can't decipher any of the place=20
names, because i don't know the geography well=20
enough to guess. the jewishgen mail server does=20
not handle accented characters, and they arrive=20
garbled, replaced with meaningless,=20
unintelligible symbols.

it's a recurring problem, but this time i can't=20
even begin to guess, so please remember to remove=20
accents before posting messages to the list. (if=20
necessary, such as to clarify meaning, accents=20
can be indicated by adding a punctuation mark=20
after the vowel, such as a' or u: or o", which is=20
clumsy, but it works.)

=2E...... tom klein, toronto

Jozsef Kohn was born in Mez=89?b=88*nd (Mezoband),=20
Maros around 1845, his wife Lujza Braun was born=20
in Bord, Maros around 1853. They had 5 children=20
- we know details about 2 of them: Roza was born=20
in Bord in 1881, Geza was born in Sz=88=E4lk=88=86t=20
(Salcud), Maros in 1888. These towns belonged to=20
Kis-K=88=FCk=88=FCll=89? (Tarnava Mica) near=20
Marosvasarhely. [snip!]
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