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Faye Hirsty

Dear H-Sig,

There was a typo. My name is not Thirsty; it's Hirsty. None of my
paternal great grandparents emigrated to the USA. They lived near or
in Uzhorod (Ungvar) Hungary. I found their names of various documents
and have photos of the Rottman great grandparents.

My dad, Bernard Kranz, left Uzhorod around 1928-1929 to travel to
Havana and attend a watchmaking school where he met my mother Esther
Richman who was there on vacation. How would he have traveled from
Uzhorod to Havana in 1928 and how can I look up which ship he took
from Europe to Cuba? He spoke fluent Spanish later on when we lived
in New York.

Thank you very much.

Faye Hirsty

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Dear H-Sig Discussion Group,

I am researching my paternal great-grandparents. I know very little
about them, so I am sending out what I do know, in case someone out
there is familiar with the names. Julia Yetta Trammar Kranz was my
great grandmother, married to Samuel Kranz and mother of my paternal
grandfather, Vilmos Wolf Wilhelm Kranz who was born in Kozy, Poland,
Lengyelorszagy, Galicia.

Some of the documents state that grandfather Wilhelm Kranz was born in
Poland, while the death certificate states Russia. I know that
Grandfather Wilhelm spoke German, Yiddish and some Hungarian, was a
butcher and he told me he had a salami factory in Austria. states he fought in World War I as a soldier, veteran and
prisoner >from 1914-1918. I have no information about Wilhelm having
siblings, what Samuel Kranz did for a living, where Samuel and Julia
Yetta Kranz were born or where they lived. If any of these names are
familiar or part of your family tree, please contact me.

I also have little information about my other paternal great
grandmother, Hannah Moskovitz Rottman, my paternal grandmother's
mother. I do know that her husband was Jacob Rottman and that they
had six living children before WWII. There were five males: Morris,
Emil, Mozart, Miksa, Harry and Hani the only daughter (my
grandmother). I would love to find out what my great grandfather
Jacob Rottman did for a living and where Hannah Moskovitz Rottman and
Jacob Rottman were born. Mozart Rottman was a well-known artist,
Miksa had a music school. If any of these names are familiar or part
of your family tree, please contact me.

Thank you very much,
Faye Kranz Thirsty
Irvine, California

Moderator: Would be easier to provide useful info if you told us which r=
esources you have consulted and
provided some additional dates and places. Did any of these individuals=
emigrate to the US? Have you
checked census records, passenger manifests, or military records for info=
on birthplaces? Mozart is a rather
unusual given name. What is your source for this info? Where was he an =
artist? Miksa is definitely an Hungarian
name. Who told you he had a music school? Approximately which years?
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