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I have some questions about a 1940 Census form that a cousin of mine -
also with paternal origins in Hanusovce nad Toplou (Hanusfalu) - appears
on. I accept that mistakes were and are made on Census forms and
intentional obfuscation or deception happens as well, but this might
just be a case of confusing or non-standard recording of the data.

The cousin's family uses the name "Siesholtz" as one of the many
variations of "Szuszholcz" in Hungarian.

The cousin, Selma, first appears - as far as I found so far via Ancestry
and others - at age 11 in the 1930 Census living with both her parents
and her uncle and aunt at the top of this record
(real url: (The
Family Search index listing indicates incorrectly that her parents are
Martin and Anna; they are actually Morris and Rose -- just match the
birth countries of Selma's parents.)

By 1940, when she is 21, her birth parents are listed as living alone,
line 48, (real url and she is
listed here: (real url

In the latter form Selma is listed as living on "Willoughby" - the same
as her birth parents in 1940 - the number of the household is also
"131", same as her parents.

There is also a note which seems to be an abbreviation of "continued" in
the "value of home" column which seems to have been added after the form
was filled out.

Another child here is also a continuation >from the form where Selma's
parents appear, at the same address.

Is this just a typical if not exactly clear - e.g. in 1940 Selma is also
in a different Ward then her parents though the addresses match up - way
of adding supplemental information? Could she have some connection to
the listed John family? (The Ancestry index also makes a mistake by
listing Selma as being a daughter of John.)



Todd Edelman
near Los Angeles

Moderator: Because your query relates to the US Census, suggest that you send it
to the JewishGen general discussion list. Approved for posting here because someone
researching this family >from Greater Hungary may be able to assist.

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