Individual Mail vs. Digest #belarus

David M. Fox <fox@...>

Dear Belarus SIG Members:

As you have noticed, the number of messages being posted to this
discussion group has been increasing each day. Some people may not want
to receive numerous individual messages each day. When you subscribe to
Belarus SIG or any of the other SIGs on JewishGen, you subscription is
automaticly set to receive "individual messages as they are received".
You can modify your subscription to receive a "digest" each day that
contains all the posted messages for that day. If you are going on
vacation and don't want your mailbox to fill up, you can also modify your
subscription to "no mail" rather than "unsubscribe". When you return
from vacation you can resume receiving either individual mail ("mail") or
the one digest message ("digest"). To make these changes to your
subscription, go the:


and follow the instructions.

David Fox
Belarus SIG Coordinator

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