Austria-Czech SIG membership count #austria-czech

Austria-Czech Coordinator <bohmor@...>

Dear SIG members,

Happy New Year!

As a few of you have inquired about our membership, this seemed a good time
to report on our numbers. I am happy to tell you that as of today we have
548 members. In the past six months, we have shown a steady increase in
membership for a total increase of 99 members and almost no one has
unsubscribed >from the list.

About 35 new people joined in August, partly as a result of publicity at the
Annual Conference on Jewish Genealogy, and then we settled back to our usual
increase of 0-3 members per week on average.

Since our name changed >from Bohemia-Moravia to Austria-Czech in mid-November,
we have had an average of 5-6 new members per week. I think it is safe to say
that our new name has made our SIG easier to find and recognize.

I hope all new members, and those who have been around longer as well, will
introduce themselves and the names and places they are researching, and that
we will be able to help one another in our family history quests.

Sharla Levine
Austria-Czech SIG Coordinator

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