Re: LDS Microfilm Help in Former Hungary #hungary

Bob Lenk

The 1828 census is described quite well at

It is a census of individuals owning taxable property - which means it
does not include all households. The only personal information listed is:

1) the name of the head of the household
2) a count of people in each household, including servants, between the
ages of 18 and 60, of either sex and whether married or not,
contributing to the financial well-being of the household
3) some category describing who the other people are (I have seen
"Subinquilini" (tenant) and "Ancillae" (maid)).

All the other fields have to do with property. This is, unfortunately,
very little of genealogical significance - especially if you already
have the name of the head of household.

Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado, USA

> wrote:
>I wonder if anyone is working at/has any access to LDS Microfilm
>number 623511, as I can't access it being resided in Israel. The
>record is >from Subotica, Serbia (back then, Szabadka, Bacs-Bodrog),
>>from the Hungary census of 1828. I have an entry number in case it is
>possible to search for it. I don't know what other details are there
>(if any) apart >from the name and address already digitized, but if
>there are any it could be very meaningful for me.
>Also, I would like to ask if any of you know - has this specific
>census recorded only household heads or full families? What was the
>criteria for recording a person in such census in the Kingdom of
>Hungary? wrote:
i haven't used that particular census before, but the title,
"vagyonossziras" translates as "wealth register", so it seems to only
list owners (i.e. heads of the household). but for what it's worth,
the small test that i did, showed a couple of men, and one listing
for a widow.

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