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Dear Frank,

Szalmatercs Jews were registered by the rabbinate in Szecseny. Only some of
the records have been microfilmed by LDS, but they haven't uploaded them to
the Internet.

I might be going to the county archives to check what records are available
and then I might check if there are any more records available.


Karesz Vandor
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Dear H.Siggers,
According to her marriage entry (1902 in Losincz) Hermin LEMBERGER was
born in Szalmatercz (Nograd Megye) abt. 1872.
Which rabbinate would have registered her birth and where could I find the
Birthbook archived and/or on internet?
Where can I find the 1869 Cencus records of Szalmaterz to see for a
Thank you.

Frank Feiner,
Mödling, Austria

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