Re: Help locating Diczhaza / Dichaza #hungary


one thing to keep in mind with old (pre-1900)=20
spellings is that "cz" was simplified to "c", so=20
you are probably looking for "dichaza" (house of=20
dic). in the jewishgen gazetteer, it is indeed=20
listed at 48.17 N by 20.54 E. and then the=20
gazetteer offers the option of searching for=20
places within a 10-mile radius. (i find it=20
amusing that dichaza is 5.7 miles sw of kistanya.)

among the 229 places listed as being within 10=20
miles away, there are 6 with known jewish=20
communities, halmaj, szikszo, boldva, edeleny,=20
forro, and sajoszentpeter, of which some, like=20
szikszo and sajoszentpeter, are bigger than=20

=2E...... tom klein, toronto

awmjr@... wrote:

I have been asked to assist my cousin in=20
locating the referenced village which is / was=20
reportedly in Borsod
megye. His aunt was reportedly raised there:=20
I suspect sometime in the very early 1900s.

I used various Web based tools and one pointed=20
me to some coordinates in the middle of
a field, west of Homrogd, Borsod m.
The coordinates are: 48=83 17' 0" North, 20=83 54' 0" East
> Can anyone help us with advice?

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