FW: New Book: volume 2 of "The Holocaust in Slovakia" #hungary


Dear H-SIG members:

Allow me to acquaint the Jewish genealogical community with the 2nd volume
of my book "The Holocaust in Slovakia."

"The Holocaust in Slovakia" is an wide-ranging historical essay, in two
volumes, covering distinct periods: the 1800s through 1938 and 1938 through
1947. Both volumes are fully illustrated with photographs, maps, diagrams
and tables. I hope you will find the books distinctive literary style and
their graphical design refreshing reading experiences in historical

Two courtesy chapter can be read at
http://livrospraja.com.br/SKSB/SKSB-chp8-new/ and
http://livrospraja.com.br/SKSB/SKSB-vol.2-chp17/. Both of them contain
detailed Tables of Contents.

Volume 2, (496 pages) is now available at Lulu
(http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/tomvene); it covers the full period of
president Jozef Tiso's first Slovak (fascist) republic. Its main focus is on
the story of what happened to Slovakia's Jewry during those dreadful years.
Over 30 survivors' testimonies corroborate the drama of this tragic
Additional chapters include important episodes of that period, such as the
altruistic deeds of Jewish resistance groups to save their doomed
coreligionists, how the churches reacted to the deportations and accounts
about the righteous Slovak gentiles who risked their lives to save their
Jewish compatriots.

Volume 1, (408 pages) is also available at Lulu.com; it narrates the
historical background of how the Shoah's catastrophe could have happened in
'civilized' Europe. This volume concentrates on the Austro-Hungarian Jews
story dwelling in that empire and, after World War One, in the democratic
Czechoslovak republic lead by Tomas G. Masaryk, an extraordinary statesman
and champion of democracy.
Further chapters cover 19th and 20th century European history of
anti-Semitism, including the political progression that led to Hitler's rise
and the fascistization of Germany's satellites, mainly Slovakia.

Thank you
Tom Venetianer
Holocaust survivor, prisoner in Terezin and Sered

Note: This is the permitted one-time announcement of a commercial product
which may be of interest to H-SIGs members.

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