Vital Records for Onod? #hungary


I am grateful for the work that the H-sig has done. I am researching an anc=
estor >from Onod in Borsod. I can see there is a film 642777 in the LDS Fami=
ly History Library which appears to have Jewish Vital Records for Onod. Yet=
I don't see any references to this film in the Jewishgen Hungary database. =
By querying on the town Onod In the Jewishgen database I can see that a num=
ber of records mention Onod in the comments, but there are only five records=
in total for birth / marriage / death that I see where the town of registra=
tion was Onod for the record itself and none reference the film 642777.

So I would hypothesize that either this film has not been digitized yet in J=
ewishgen or I am missing something obvious. Are there any plans to transcri=
be these vital records for Onod and add them to the Jewishgen Hungary databa=
se? Thank you.

Best regards,
Seth Bittker

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