Re: Visiting cemetery in Budapest #hungary

Susanna Vendel

I just came home >from Budapest where I visited Kozma u. cemetery. I
had the exact location of the graves in the overgrown part of the

My experience: Check the opening days and hours of the cemetery

1. I took a taxi to the cemetery >from the Hotel Danubius Helia and
asked the driver to take me inside the cemetery to the parcel. The
distance is approx 11-12 km and it takes 20' drive. If you need the
name and phone number of the driver, please contact me privately.

2. The guard at the cemetery's entrance accepted to let us drive in
for a fee (no receipt) and explained to the driver how to drive.

3. We couldn't find the grave even having the the figures but
suddenly, >from nowhere appeared a worker who could help us. It was the
right name on the stone. We gave him some fts and he asked if we wish
to clean the place. But we denied, as it was really beautiful around
with all this overgrown vegetation. So peaceful!

4. The taxi driver waited for us and he drove us back to the hotel. It
was the first time for him in a Jewish cemetery and he was very
impressed by the peace and beauty of the place.

I was in the same cemetery in 1998 with my mother and remember that
there was a principal entrance to it with a little reception where
they could search for names on a computer. This time we might have
found a side entrance because I did not remember to have seen any

Susanna Vendel, Stockholm----

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