FRIEDMAN family arrival assistance #hungary

Jay Gilbert

I have received a number of responses to my recent request for assistance to
this list, and I want to report complete success with the location of the
arrival information for the specific members of my FRIEDMAN family that I
sought, which on my own I have not been able to find for many years. I have
thanked everyone who responded to me; I am grateful for their prompt and
accurate assistance. I would also like to publicly thank the members of
this list, who always seem to be willing to share their knowledge, to make
valuable suggestions, and to be so generous with their time.

Jay Gilbert
Hastings on Hudson, NY

Researching GELBERT (any) in Hungary; FRIEDMAN in Ungvar/Uzhhorod; GUTTMAN
in Homonna/Humenne, Slovakia; BRUCHOWSKI in Gac/Lomza Poland; WAJSENFELD in
Lomza, Poland.

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