Cemetery in Gurahont (Honcto) #hungary

Jake Jacobs

Has anyone inventoried the graves in the cemetery in Gurahont, now Romania,
previously Honcto, Hungary? There are pictures of the cemetery on Jewishgen, and
4 names are listed, but there are many more graves than that. Would appreciate any

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

GOLDSTEIN, JACOBS, WALSKY, LEVY >from Kalvarija, Lithuania; Posen, Poland
HANTMAN >from Odessa;
GOLDMANN, GONDOS >from Hungary;
HOCHWALD, HAVAS, FRIEDMAN >from Honcto, Transylvania;
FEUERLICHT, BLEUER, BLEIER >from Mezotur, Hungary;
TEICHER, GOLDMAN >from Poland and Ukraine

Moderator: If you have any images of matzevots >from Gurahoncz, Arad, now Gurahont,
Romania, or have burial records >from this place, please contact Altman Nolan <naltman@jewishgen.org>
or Vivian Kahn, H-SIG Coordinator <vkahn@kmort.com> off-list. =

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