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Vivian Kahn

Having reviewed many of the films >from the 1848 and other 18th and 19th =
century census records I know that they are =E2=80=9Cincomplete=E2=80=9D. =
My own family is =E2=80=9Cmissing=E2=80=9D >from records in Ung and =
Maramaros megye.

The fact that a household is not listed may mean that they were missed =
or that that the head was away. Although most of the 1848 Census was =
completed in 1848, some of the records were created in 1849. An =
individual may be enumerated in more than one location. Each county was =
supposed to collect the same data but the format differs >from one place =
to another because the government did not provide forms. In some cases =
the recorder created his own hand-drawn form. Because the census was =
conducted over a period of more than one year, it is also very possible =
that there are additional pages that were created at a different time =
and have not yet been located.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, California

A posting on Oct. 1 contained images of Jewish census >from =
hernadczentandras. I did not see my g'g'grandfather listed, though we =
believe he was born there in 1847, Samuel Goldman, son of Moshe Goldman. =
Was this an incomplete census of Jewish families? Any other ideas why =
his family would not have been listed?
Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas
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Subject: 1848 Census of Jews in Hernadszentandras
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2015 18:50:44 -0700
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Records of the 1848 Census for Abauj-Torna are not available on =
Jewisghgen, but are available through the Hungarian National Archives =
and the Archives in Kosice, Slovakia. I would like to share copies of =
images of the records >from this Census for the village of =
Hernadszentandras (Szent Andras) in this county for those who are =
interested. Surnames of Jews living in the village at the time were: =
Cisserman, Fischer, Frumer, Gotfried, Hips, Josef, Los, Medve, =
Rozenberg, Samuel, Stern, Swarcz, Vasserman, and Veis.
Images of the Census will be available at the links below for 6 days:=20=
=20 Hips 1a.jpg Hips 1b.jpg Hips 2a.jpg Hips 2b.jpg Hips 3a.jpg Hips 3b.jpg
These records were obtained thanks to Beth Long who highlighted the =
existence of microfilms of the 1848 Census for Abauj-Torna County in the =
Hungarian National Archives through an email to the Hungary SIG sometime =
ago, and thanks to professional genealogist Andras Koltai who not only =
located the specific records in the microfilms in the Hungarian Archives =
but also went the extra mile by obtaining copies of a missing page >from =
the Kosice Archives which he determined had the originals.
Seth Bittker
Darien, Connecticut
HIPS, VEIS - Hernadszentandras, Monok, Rasonysapberencs
ROTH - Onod
LINKOVSKI, ROZIN - Slobodka, Lithuania
GROSSMAN, MIROSLOVSKI - Prenai, Lithuania =

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