Claims Conference Hungary Search Results and Source Records #hungary

Aaron Slotnik


Upon doing a search in the JewishGen All Hungary Database, I unexpectedly found records for relatives that I had been unable to find anything about previously. The records came up in the 'Claims Conference, Hungary' data set (

I then learned that the source files (codes 66 and 156) where my relatives are listed are held at the Central Zionist Archives (CZA). Has anyone on the list had a similar experience and actually requested the source material >from CZA? If so, what is the procedure and what was your experience? Although I'm not sure what I'll find, I want to procure copies of the source material, but want to follow the right process and learn >from those who have already done so.

If you had relatives who lived in greater Hungary (mine lived in what is now Slovakia) prior to the Holocaust, but have been unable to locate anything about them in the Yad Vashem Names Database or elsewhere, I suggest checking this resource.

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL

WOROSHILSKY - Bialystok area, Poland
GOLDBERG, KATZ - Dabrowa Bialostocka, Poland
ZLOTNIK, RZEZNIK - Warsaw area, Poland
SCHAPIRA - Jagielnica and Horodenka, Ukraine
BLUMENTHAL, KANTOR - Borshchiv, Husiatyn and Horodenka, Ukraine
BLUM, KATZ, MARTON, ELKOVITS, VAISZ, SAMUEL - Salaj, Satu Mare, and Maramures Counties, Romania

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