Re: Seeking information on the RITCHA Family #hungary

Israel Guttman

Hi there, I am looking for any information on the RITCHA family, maybe
it is spelled RITZA.

The name I have is Samuel Leib, he resided in New york in 1939, his
father's name was Mordechai, his wife's name was Beila (or Bella) she
was >from Stropkov (today Slovakia).

The family name in hebrew is ריצע or ריטשע

any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Israel Guttman

Moderator: Possible that the name was a different spelling of RECSEI, a Hungarian
surname that is pronounced like RITCHA. Note that the server was unable to decipher
the Hebrew language version that you used. Suggest that you spell it out instead
(e.g. resh yod, tzadek, etc.)

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