Looking for material for webpage (shtetl-link) for ERDOBENYE, HUNGARY #hungary

Jake Jacobs

Dear Erdobenye, Hungary researchers,

I have reserved a KehilaLinks site for a Erdobenye, Hungary webpage and am =
looking for material

A webpage dedicated to ones ancestral home has two functions: =20
1. Memorialize the Jewish community that once lived there.
2. Provide a resource for present and future generations of the descendants=
of the people who once lived in that shtetl.

Here is a list of material suitable for a webpage. If you have any describ=
ed below or something I omitted to mention and refers to Erdobenye, please =
donate it to the Erdobenye webpage.

=95 Family / People photos taken in shtetl
=95 Family Histories - not long schematic Family trees but an account of th=
e family branch that lived in your shtetl land neighbouring shtetlach and w=
hat they did for a living, etc...
=95 Photos of the town before the Holocaust
=95 Photos of the town as it is now.
=95 Articles about the shtetl, including survivors / former residents accou=
nts / interviews.
=95 Stories, reminiscences, anecdotes about the shtetl and the people who l=
ived there.
=95 Any other information they might have: historical, communal or personal=
=95 Landsmanshaft Material ( if there was one for your shtetl)
=95 History=20
=95 Geography ( including maps)=20
=95 Travelogues by people who visited the shtetl
=95 Examples of any type of document issued in the shtetl
=95 Letters and Postcards sent by the people of the shtetl to families abro=
ad (preferably those that describe the activities in the shtetl and the loc=
al situation)
=95 Holocaust material about the people of the shtetl and their fate, inclu=
ding the ghettos and camps were they were transported.
=95 Information about emigration and immigration
=95 Famous sons and daughters (people of the shtetl that distinguished them=
selves both locally and in the country of immigration)
=95 Business Directories
=95 Census lists
=95 Residents lists

Please let me know about anything you may have! Thanks so much.


Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas
jake6621 at hotmail dot com=

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