RECHNITZ MASSACRE, new book #hungary


SACHA BATTHYANY, a journalist nephew of MARGRIT BATTHYANY, who grew up =
in Switzerland, learned by sheer coincidence, at the age of 30, about =
the family secret. He was driven to research the family's past and how =
this influenced the lives of the descendants to this day.=20

His book "Und was hat das mit mir zu tun? Ein Verbrechen im M=C3=A4rz =
1945. Die Geschichte meiner Familie" appeared February 18th, publisher =
Kiepenheuer & Witsch. There will be readings in the framework of the =
"Tag des j=C3=BCdischen Buches" on March 13 at Helferei Z=C3=BCrich and =
March 24 at the Schauspielhaus Z=C3=BCrich.

By sheer chance I came across this information yesterday in an interview =
with the author which appeared in: Das Magazin, des Tages Anzeiger No =
5/6- 6 February 2016.

I have no commercial interest or contact with either the Author, Das =
Magazin, or the readings.

Shulamit SPAIN, Scotland=20

Moderator: This is a one-time mention of a commercial product.

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