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Vivian Kahn

Kaposmero was in Somogy county. There is a list of places in Somogy at that includes Kaposmero in the Kaposvari
district but I donâ??t see anything on the list that looks like Kasniercy or
Kasnierey. I also searched the 1913 Gazetteer for place names starting with the
prefix â??Kasâ?? and didnâ??t see antying that might be a match.

Nyir means birch in Hungarian and there are quite a few places in Szabolcs county that include Nyir as a prefix but none appear to include â??nyirâ?? otherwise.

This all leads me to conclude that the place listed in the source is either incorrect or itâ??s not in Hungary.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, California

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A Sh'arit ha-pl'atah entry for one of my ancestors lists his birthplace as
Kasniercy. I have assumed this is an error in transcription or communication, as
I do not receive any hits on Google for such a place.

I have been under the impression he was born in Kaposmero, but perhaps I am

An "Additional List of Buchenwald Survivors" notes his last known place as
Kasnierey, which I am also unable to identify. The only Google hits I get for this
spelling are other references to this record. Can anyone suggest the correct name
of a town in Hungary to which this might refer?

Thanks very much in advance,

Alicia Weiss

Researching WEISS/WEISz (Szecseny), KUNDLER (Kaposmero, Kaposvar, Gyongyos, Kisvarda, Budapest), POLLAK (Kaposmero, Csurgo) MAUTHNER/MAUTNER (Szecseny), PRESSMAN/PRESEISEN (Ukraine, Pennsylvania); GOLDFELD (Moldvoa), DUFAN/DUFINE (Moldova), HEMPLE/HEMPEL (Poland)

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