Vital records of Marmarosch (especially Satmar and Sighet) #hungary

דוד נ.א.

Does anyone know what the essential records of Marmarosch (especially
Satmar and Sighet)?
Who is responsible? I tried to send him an email at the address in
sig- Hungary, but the address is wrong.
Hello, I would like to receive updated information, what about Sighet
and Satmar?
Is there BMD of Sighet or Satmar? What years?
Whether they are searching for Jewishgen?
Is there any data that can be obtained only in exchange for a donation
to Jewishgen?
Thank you very much
David Nesher

Moderator: Vital records >from Sziget, Maramaros, are included in the JewishGen Hungary
database. See for
information and watch for an upload of additional records. Contact Project Coordinator
Sandy Malek <> for more information. Records >from Szatmar county
are in the Maramaros database and also in the Hungary database vital records
collection. Vital records also include records >from Szatmarnemeti, now Satu Mare,
Romania. The eastern part of the Hungarian county of Szatmar is now in Maramures
county, Romania. All of these records are searchable >from the JewishGen Hungary

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