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Ruben Weiser

I agree that the Hungarian Jewish are the less preoccupied in naming the
children with an equivalent or similar sounding Hebrew and Hungarian name.
But we have to understand that a Jewish couple first decide the Hebrew name
of the child because it is almost a must to name it after a death ancestor /
relative and only then an official Hungarian name.
So when they will name a child with the Hebrew name that have a natural
equivalent or similar sounding civil Hungarian name, then it is 80% chance
that they pick that name.
For example if they decide the Hebrew name Moshe it will be Mor, Josef =
Josef , ester= Etel ,
But when the Hebrew name is Yeshayahu , Betzalel. Yeruchem Tzvi etc. Then
the parents will take a more Hungarian sounding name like Samuel , Simon
etc. And that will bring the question of why if the Hungarian name was
Samuel they don?t just named in Hebrew Shmuel ? and it is because their
death ancestor was Yeshayahu.
In resume, if you know an Hungarian Jew was named Moshe in Hebrew and you
don?t know his Hungarian name ,he was very probably named Mor or Moses in
Hungarian but if you know he was named Mor in civil record but you don?t
know his Hebrew name ,there is much less possibility that he was named Moshe
in Hebrew because he could be Yeshayahu , Betzalel , etc..

I hope it gives some clues..

Ruben Weiser
Buenos Aires

davidnead@... wrote:

I am having a serious problem in the study of Hungarian Jews <snip>

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