IAJGS Conference Wrap-UP #hungary

Vivian Kahn

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the conference in Seattle! We had great attendance at the Hungarian sessions presented by Karesz Vandor, Dejan Suc, and yours truly, at the H-SIG luncheon where Sandy Malek spoke, and at the H-SIG business meeting. Next time they have to schedule us for larger rooms!

We raised $205 for the Hungarian SIG General Fund >from the first ever H-SIG raffle. The lucky winners got copies of Auslander's Genealogical Gazetteer, the Talma 1914 Hungarian Atlas, Lynn Schneider's video Budapest American Quest. A Family's Journey to 1920s Hungary, the recently published English version of Koerner's "How They Lived: The Everyday Lives of Hungarian Jews, 1867-1940รข??, JGSLA's book on Jews in the Great War, and a book on the Kezmarok Cemetery. Koszonom szepen to the estate of Pamela Weisberger, Karesz Vandor, Sandy Malek, and Madeleine Isenberg for their generous donations.

If you gave me your card because you would like to receive the revised handouts for the Northwest Migration or Maramaros sessions, please be patient. I had a business trip out of town since returning >from the conference and am still catching up. I also hope to have all of the handouts uploaded to the H-SIG website http://www.jewishgen.org/Hungary/ very soon. Judy Missel Gyori has volunteered to take on this important assignment so watch for improvements in the coming months.

Last but not at all least, I am very pleased to announce that our own Marelynn Zipser, who single-handedly indexed Jewish records >from the 1869 Census as well as many others, received long-overdue recognition >from IAJGS as Volunteer of the Year. In fact, Marelynn is probably eligible as Volunteer of MANY Years for her work. Gratulalok and mazel tov!

Best wishes to you all and, as always, feel free to contact me off-list with any questions.


Vivian Kahn, Oakland, California
JewishGen Hungarian SIG Coordinator


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