Researching Agnes Kiss and Benjamin Toth #hungary


My name is Bill White and I am an American citizen living in the
United Kingdom. My JGFF Researcher ID number is 670714.

I am researching my great, great grandmother and her husband. Their
names were Agnes Kiss (or Klein) and Benjamin Toth and I have
information that suggests they lived in Hungary, although I don't have
a town/city name. Both are listed within the Yad Vashem database as
having been murdered by the Nazis at the beginning of the war, but
very little is known.

Together they had at least one daughter, Julia Toth (married Simon)
and I am hoping that someone out there will have some record of both
of my GG grandparents together, which will allow me to trace their
birth records.

I can be reached by email or my telephone on <snip>
anytime. Also, I have set up a Facebook Group for Jews
from Hungary at
Yours sincerely,

Bill White
(Eitan ben Abraham)

Moderator: Per JewishGen Guidelines, personal phone number has been deleted. Please
contact Bill off-list if you can help.

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