Rachel Perl born in Budapest in 1934 #hungary


I am hoping one of our members will have some advice for me on the followin=
g problem:

Rachel Perl was born in Budapest in 1934 to Sandor Perl and Ilona Szenes. I=
lona died in 1942. We never knew of Rachel's existence except for the Nevek=
larsfeld suvivors' list compiled in 1946. This list was unavailable for a l=
ong while ever since the neveklarsfeld website shut down but thankfully it =
has been transcribed and is now available again on the US Holocaust Museum =
website. Even the name Rachel seems strange for someone born in Hungary at =
that time so there may be a transcription error but this is all I have to g=
o with.
Rachel was living at Delibab 33 in 1946, which appears to have been an orph=
anage. Her father survived too but was living at a different address. There=
is no trace of either of them after this.=20
The exciting prospect is that Rachel may still be alive but I have no idea =
if she (and her father) left Hungary or perhaps changed their name. The MAC=
SE records have nothing about her and the cemetery have no records of these=
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Perl

New York

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