Hungarians in the USA post 1950s #hungary


I would love some help >from those familiar with research in the US, as this is my first time.
I posted recently about finding more details on Perl Rachel born in 1934 in Budapest. Thanks to the help of a couple of very informed Jewishgenners, I was able to find out that her name was also Perl Klara. She left Hungary in December 1956 and arrived by plane into Newark on Jan 11th 1957.
In my attempts to find her, I have searched all over hoping to find a marriage record or anything else such as a full naturalisation application, but haven't been successful.
She was 22 years old when she arrived in Jan 1957 so I am assuming that she got married here in the US and worked as well. What other means do I have at my disposal to find this person?

Thanks in advance,

Michael Perl
New York

Moderator: Except for burial and Holocaust-related records, JewishGen records typically
date >from years prior to WWII. Please contact Michael off-list with suggestions for
researching Hungarians who came to the US in 1956-57 unless your information is
likely to be of general interest.

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