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HI Rony,

Start here:

It's a Trade Directory. Lists the Trades or Professions and who is
registered as doing that in a particular town (based on how they do
currently arrange trade licenses in the Czech Republic, the directory
comes >from data the relevant dept. in every city hall where one
registers a trade... a specific license is needed for every trade.)

Radix's first level of search is as you can see at the County level

The trades are listed in Hungarian, German and French. So Dentist is
Fogorvos, Zahnarzt (literally "tooth doctor"), and... Dentiste (the use
of French was I suppose mostly related to exporters...)

As I recall, the indices are free but the images cost a bit. (The
payment system is odd but seems trustworthy).

I've found ancestors here in Saros, Ung and Zemplen counties. If this
person is >from what's currently Slovakia but also possibly close to
Szabolcs in Hungary, I would perhaps look first in Zemplen (which is in
both current Slovakia and Hungary) Abauj and Torna Counties...

If you don't know the Hungarian name of a modern Slovak town, check
Hungarian Wikipedia first using Slovak name and then also and to find where it is
using the Hungarian name

See also

- Todd,
Davis, California

On 09/21/2016 01:07 AM, Rony Golan wrote:
Hello all,

I am looking for a person (Aladar Roth) who was a pharmacist in
Slovakia before WWII.

Do you know of any resources that may help me trace him (a book, a
directory etc.).

Many thanks,

Rony Golan


EISDORFER - Szabolcs

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