Subcarpathian Document Acquisition #hungary

Lara Diamond

Fellow Subcarpathian Researchers,

I'm happy to inform you that the Subcarpathian SIG is currently in the
process of acquiring records >from the area. We already have copies of
all Jewish records >from over 75 record books (with more coming in the
next few weeks). The books we have so far cover births, marriages and
deaths in 13 Subcarpathian towns >from 1895 through the late
1920s/early 1930s (depending on the town). These include many late
registrations were made for births as far back as the 1840s and
marriages >from the 1860s and 1870s, so these books contain records
spanning nearly 200 years.

Thanks to generous donations made at the IAJGS conference this summer,
we have been able to acquire these as well as others which are
currently in the process of being photographed. However, with the
sheer number of available books (and after finishing working on the
post-1895 books, I hope to move into some available pre-1895 Jewish
vital record books as well as census records for the area), we will
need additional donations to continue this effort. Donations can be
made via JewishGen at the following link:
to the SubCarpathia SIG General Fund.

I've already transcribed some of these books, and those transcriptions
will be sent to JewishGen to allow others to search. But I'll need
help with transcribing all of the books we already have and the ones
we hope to get shortly. If you can read English, you can transcribe
these records. Records until WWI are in Hungarian; post-WWI they are
in Czech. Both use the Latin alphabet, so you'll be able to read
names and towns. I do not speak Hungarian or Czech but have been able
to fully transcribe these books.

(Note that the exception is a short time period generally in the late
1920s/early 1930s where records are written in Cyrillic characters.
If you can read Russian and can help with transcribing these records,
please let me know.)

Those who either donate at least $100 or transcribe at least 500
records will qualify to get copies of transcriptions (in Excel format)
as they are completed. All transcriptions will eventually be placed
on JewishGen for people to search freely as well, >from JewishGen's
Hungary and Ukraine databases.

We're collaborating with H-SIG, who has been generous enough to share
materials such as their transcription guide.

Lara Diamond (Subcarpathian SIG Leader)
Baltimore, MD USA

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