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There are two issues for me in this posting: one theâ??what" the other the â??howâ??.

As far as the â??whatâ??another resource is the book â??Bekes Beketlensegâ?? (in Hungarian) by Balogh Istvan who is >from Totkomlos.
Now the â??howâ??. Once upon a time and often still, postings came in complete sentences, with some background to explain the nature of the query as well as the location of the person making the request. In other words there was some human component to the request. This seems no longer necessarily to be the case.
Just the other day I received an inquiry directly to my inbox with no last name, explanation of how the inquirer received my nameand e-mail address or what the context for the request was. I provided information regarding which I happened to have in depth knowledge and received not so much as a thank you. It was not the first time this happened.
I know sometimes there might be language issues and we all want things to be concise but is it too much to say â??I found your name in...Ruben Weiser, Buenos Airesâ???
Could we please reintroduce some humanity and civility to our postings, more like weâ??re family with a shared heritage?

Catherine Adam

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Has anyone written up data on this small town.
Mary Rockman Koorey
e: BUCHBINDER Totkomlos

Moderator: Have you tried searching the JewishGen
Hungary Database at http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Hungary/ ? You may also be
able to find records at FamilySearch.org. When asking for research advice it's
always a good idea to indicate which resources you have already consulted as well as
surnames and dates you are searching.

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