Re: Jewish Cemetery in Zalaegerszeg : Lack of data #hungary


I would suggest that anyone seeking information on the Zala County
Jewish community (including Zalaegerseg), might find it useful to speak
with Dejan Suc, who has made considerable study of the Jewish families
of this region (including the areas today in the Slovenian side of the

He was one of the presenters at last years IAJGS conference in Seattle.
I think he monitors this SIG discussion group, but if not perhaps
someone in this group can pass on his email address.

David Deutsch

On 2017-01-07 11:06, Thomas Klein wrote:
i'm not certain, but the town's records may suffer >from a common
disease: lack of

i have noticed that most people will focus their attention (and
research) on the
towns that most of their ancestors came from. sadly, in the case of
many smaller
communities in hungary, there were not very many who survived the
nazis, and then
the communists, and therefore there is limited interest and fewer
volunteers, etc.
assuming, of course, that the records weren't all destroyed by fire,
flood or
malicious intent.

because the indexing and transcription of all records has been done on
a piecemeal
basis, rather than with a grand scheme, that's just the way it is.

....... tom klein, toronto wrote:

I believe my uncle Izidor ZWIEBACK, b. 1884, d. 1909, is buried in the
Jewish Cemetery in Zalaegerszeg, the admin. center of Zala County.

I notice there are no burial listings for this cemetery in JOWBR and
almost no description of the cemetery in the IAJGS project. In 1920,
Jewish population in Zalaegerszeg was 1,600.

Am I missing some reason for the lack of info or interest?
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