Cemetery in Nusfalau, Romania #hungary

Steve Stein

There is a Jewish cemetery in Nusfalau (a.k.a. Szilagynagyfalu), in Salaj
County in Transylvania. It is not in great condition but has several good
quality, legible headstones, among them that of my great-great-grandfather.
I visited this cemetery in 2000 and to my recollection, the cemetery is on
the outskirts of town and was fenced but not locked.

Recently, a family member visited Nusfalau but found the cemetery to be
locked, she could not get in. It appeared that the fence had been built up
since 2000. I am wondering if anyone is familiar with the area, and can
offer suggestions on whom to contact to gain entry. Another relative is
planning to visit in a few months. In particular, we are looking to get a
better photo of GGGF's stone. Thanks.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, New Jersey USA

Moderator: Nusfalau, Romania, was formerly Nagyfalu, Szilagy, Hungary.
This could be a good project for JOWBR. Please contact me off-list if you would be
interested in working on such an effort.

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