Hungarian directories #hungary

Logan Kleinwaks

I recently added about 70 Hungarian business, address, and telephone
directories >from to the full-text search engine at These additions span 1845-1932 with
full-country coverage and 1822-1950 limited to Budapest. For a list
of these and other Hungarian directories searchable at, see With the default
search options, all of these are searched simultaneously, together
with all other sources on the site (e.g., Hungarian yizkor books, list
of 1848 Hungarian Jewish soldiers, 1929 Hungarian Jewish Encyclopedia,
etc.). Search results link to scans of the corresponding directory

Although these 70 directories were already searchable at, and I do not usually add sources searchable elsewhere,
I added these so they can be searched 1) in the same place as
important Hungarian directories not on (e.g., 1931
Hungary Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture Directory), 2) using
soundex and in other ways not possible on, and 3) by
researchers unaware of a connection to Hungary who perform an "Any
Place" search (the default option, used by most). On the last point,
it was through a search like this that I learned a relative of mine
from the Polish part of Galicia was active in Budapest selling boar
bristle brushes.

The easiest way to search is by surname with default search options.
Just go to, type a surname in the search box near
the top, and press the "Search" button. It can also be very helpful
to do a soundex search by changing the "Regular Match" option to "D-M
Soundex." Since this is a full-text search engine, you can search by
any word or phrase, and in particular you can search by street
address. To do that, enclose the address in double quotes, like this:
"jozsef-u 70". For other advanced search options, see

If you change the default search option "Any Place" to "Hungary" or
"Budapest" to restrict your search, note that "Budapest" searches will
only return results >from directories with a scope of Budapest or
smaller and will exclude directories with a larger scope, such as
those covering all of Hungary. Similarly, both restricted searches
will exclude sources with multinational scope, such as directories
covering all of Europe or all of Austria-Hungary. You should only
need to restrict your search if the default options return too many
results >from other places, e.g., if you are searching for a very
common surname.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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