WEINER family of Zenta #hungary

Georges Graner


I am looking for details on a WEINER family living in Zenta (now Senta
in Serbia). I found very few details in Familysearch and in the
HSig-database. Can you advice me for other sources ?

The people I am looking for are the children of WEINER Adolf and
SCHLESINGER Julia. They had 11 children but 3 died early. I guess that
all were born in Zenta. Several of them died in Zenta but others were

Their names are

WEINER Lipot (1873-1944), Etel (1875-1944), Antal (1878-1955), Imre
(1880-1937), Szeren (1882- ), Emma (1884-1944), Mariska (1886-1944),
Erzsebet (1895- ).

I would appreciate any details on these people and their offsprings.

Georges Graner (Paris, France)

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