Re: Location of Bajovagar #hungary


the closest name i could find is bajorva'ga's in saros megye,
which is bajerovce in present-day slovakia.
the jewshgen gazetteer does not list it as having a jewish community,
but there are 5 smaller communities within a 10-mile radius.

....... tom klein, toronto wrote:

In the 1867 census, my great-grandfather is listed as having been
born in Bajovagar or Bajovagas in 1841. The handwriting on the census
record makes it difficult to distinguish the last letter of the
In a house sale contract dated 1844, my great-great-grandfather is
shown as living in Berwager. I assume these are the same place and
that Berwager is the German equivalent of Bajovagar/s.
Any suggestions as to its present day location? It's probably in
Northern Slovakia, near Brezovice, but I can't find anything close to
either spelling.
Albert Hochhauser
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