Piliscsaba Jews #hungary



I would appreciate any help with information about the Jewish
community in Piliscsaba, Hungary. I know that my grandfather's family
originates there and would like to plan a visit this Summer.

Specifically, I'm looking for the book: Szerett=C3=BCk a zsid=C3=B3kat... :
Izraelit=C3=A1k Piliscsab=C3=A1n 1856-1944, by S=C3=A1ndor Platschek (Budap=
Makkabi, 2009). As far as I searched, no copy of this book is
available in any library in Israel (including Yad Vashem).

If anyone here knows how to contact the author, S=C3=A1ndor Platschek, that
would be great, or alternatively the publisher Makkabi in Budapest
(they did not reply to my mail).

Finally, If anyone here visited by any chance the Jewish cemetery of
Piliscsaba, I would appreciate any information about what to expect

Thank you in advance for any assistance,
Gershon B. Grunfeld

Moderator: Please contact Gershon off-list if you have information.

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