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Greetings to all,

Just to add a point, which might be useful for future research.

Today the Hungarian version of the Latin Alphabet has 40 (short) or 44 (lon=
g) "letters", including those made of two letters (like SZ, ZS, TY, etc.), =
some made of three letters (DZS)! But they are relatively new inventions, a=
nd was used after the reform of the Hungarian language in th XIXth Century=
. Before that=A0the orthography of the Hanugarian language was not standard=
ized. Before the introduction of the ZS letter S was used for that sound, w=
hich is kept in some family names: Dosa-Dozsa, Josika-Jozsika, Kolosy-Kolo=
zsi, Rosa- Rozsa, etc. Words like ZSIDO (with ling accent over o - JEW or J=
EWISH), was writen as SID=D3.




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=A0 =20
Siga is just a mispelling of the nickname Zsiga (=3DZsigmond).
There is just a tiny little difference between the correct pronounciation o=
Zsiga (Zheegah)
and Siga (Sheegah).


Karesz Vandor
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