small Transylvania database #hungary

John Hoenig

The Transylvania database (see below) has a nice feature: the original town=
name and the modern name of the town are both given. This enabled me to id=
entify an ancestral town which was very helpful.

"I read about a project between University
Babes-Bolyai >from Cluj-Napoca Romania and Norwegian Historical Data
Center of University >from Tromso called "Historical Population
Database of Transylvania 1850-1914" released in April-May 2017. It
contains "twelve selected micro zones incorporate as a sample covering
almost 7% of the historical population of Transylvania, making
possible a long- and medium-term research".

The database is open and searchable (English and Romanian).

This "micro database" contains transcriptions >from civil registers
(births, marriages, deaths)for only a few places in Transylvania"

John Hoenig
Virginia (temporarily living in France)

searching for BU"CHLER, HO"NIG

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