Kosice Civil Vital Records - another update #hungary

Peter Absolon

Good afternoon all,

It's me again with another update about Kosice Vital Records
acquisition and transcription.

I'm glad I can inform you that all civil marriage records >from Sep
1895 until July 1914 have been captured and transcribed and are now
pending quality checks before they will be uploaded to JewishGen.

There are more than 700 records to be processed. It is true that at
leas half of the events are already online (source: Kosice Jewish
vital records), however these often complement the published ones with
e.g. full date of births or other details. In addition, they contain
also Orthodox community records (those missing >from already published)
and also mixed marriages (like when groom or bride wasn't Jewish).

I trust they will be available online in short time and you will all
benefit >from it.

Now I'm going to start the work on death records (again: civil
records) and I hope I'll finish my work until end of June. So let me
use this oportunity to encourage you once again to participate in this
project by contributing to H-SIG General Fund, so all archive fees
could be covered.

For those who haven't heard of the project, please visit my (quite
simple) pages at: http://hsig.absolon.eu - where you can find all the
details, covered area and of course ways to contribute.

Kind regards,
Peter Absolon
Kosice, Slovakia

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