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Are you referring to the transport that is known as the Kladovo-Sabac one that included the Czar Dushan , an on which one I was ?

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1. The Danube Exodus


Subject: The Danube Exodus
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'The Danube Exodus' is a 60 minutes long film by Hungarian film maker
Peter Forgacs. It tells the story pf several hundred Slovak Jewish
refugees sailing down the Danube, >from Bratislava to the Black Sea on
a couple of river boats, July 1st to August 31, 1939 . The film is
partly based on 8mm films taken by the captain of 'Queen Elizabeth',
one of those boats.
My grandmother and three of her children (an aunt and two uncles of
mine) sailed on the 'Czar Dushan', the second of those boats. My aunt,
21 years old at the time, described the whole trip in a personal
diary, a copy of which I have (in Hungarian, translated by me into
I would like very much to view this film, but could not find a usable
copy. Can anybody help ?
Moshe Vered, Israel
Researching WURMFELD family >from the village of Csicso (in
Hungarian)/Cicov (in Slovakian)

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