Wolofsza or Beresker #hungary


Hi SIGers,

I am trying to locate the modern location of the following two towns:
Beresker and Wolofsza . They are the birth towns of a husband and wife
from the surnames Mermelstein and Kopolovitz. Their spellings are
sourced >from US citizenship documents, and so might be slightly out of
whack. However, based on potential relationships to my paternal line, at
least one of these towns (if not both) are very likely to be in
Sub-Carpathia today. The only evidence not supporting this, is that the
marriage took place in "Pavlova, Czechoslovakia" which today is in
Slovakia, just about across the Danube River >from Esztergom.



Moderator: All messages must include full name of sender. If you want a
useful response to this inquiry please indicate dates when MERMELSTEIN and
KOPLOVITZ (use upper case fonts for surnames) lived in these place. Bear in
mind that Czechoslovakia didn't exist until 1921, after the Treaty of Trianon,
and that most of the Hungarian SIG records were created prior to the end of

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