SARAH BAUERNFREUND death certificate/gravestone in Zborov #hungary

Daniella Lejtman

Hi Fellow JewishGenners,

I am doing family research and am looking for the gravestone and/or
the death certificate for SARAH BAUERNFREUND and to find out where she
might be buried.

She was a resident of Zborov, which is currently in Slovakia (then,
Czechoslovakia). >from my research on the JOWBR cemetery database, the
gravestones that were photographed are mostly >from the 1800s and don't
go past 1915. She died between 1936 and 1938 and most definitely of
natural causes.

Is there any way to get official death certificates >from Slovakian
records? Or is there someone who has been to the Zborov and knows of
possibly another cemetery?

Thank you very much,
Daniella Lejtman
Teneck, New Jersey, USA

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