Bacs-Aranyos_/_Révaranyos_/_Kopócsapáti_/_Aranyosapati_records? #hungary


Aranyosapáti village is in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County , Vásárosnaményi
district. In 1950 it was created >from the two villages of Kopócsapáti and
Révaranyos, which was Bacs-Arranyos. [ sources Wikipaedia and Mapire /
Third Military Survey (1869-1887)]
I do not find any of the town names in JewishGen Town Finder. However, when
searching the JewishGen Hungarian database for ?any field? with the town
names I find that they are referenced in records, typically referring to a
parent born there.

My g-grandmother Fani (Fraide) Klein is thus indicated as born in
Bacs-Aranyos in her children?s birth records. I would think there was a
Jewish community there. Is there a reason it would be omitted >from the Town
Finder database? Might there be records that could be available but have not
yet been included in the Hungarian database ?

Any information relating to the Jewish community in the village is
appreciated. Please contact me directly if you have information relating to
Fani or other Klein family there.

Edward Feder

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