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Traude Triebel

Dear All,

Eisenstadt/ Kismarton - the centre of the Jewish world in the 19th =
century ... we have finished the project "Eisenstadt's younger Jewish =
cemetery"! All 287 gravestones with its Hebrew inscriptions are online: =
photos, transcriptions, translations, commentaries on the Hebrew =
inscriptions and, of particular importance, detailed genealogical =
At the center of attention are the Wolf family, the Spitzer family, the =
Breier family, the Machlup family and, mainly, the Reitlinger family; =
especially with regard to the Reitlinger family the Hebrew grave =
inscription allowed for all new genealogical perspectives.
As with Eisenstadt's older Jewish cemetery (2015) the younger Jewish =
cemetery is still considered a "work in progress". During the next few =
months both cemeteries will be updated with genealogical information and =
data >from the communal death entries ("Matriken") as well as an index of =
those who have died in Eisenstadt (between 1679 and 1938) but whose =
gravestones are missing.

Johannes Reiss
Traude Triebel
A-2700 Wr.Neustadt

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