My Waller family relatives searching #hungary


My gran gran grandad, Israel Waller (no birth and dead dates) had with
his first wife, a son named Vilmos Waller (1863-1929), my gran
granfather He was born almost the same time as Moshe Avraham Waller,
(1859-1943), son of Burech Chaim Waller (1825-1890) both of them,
relatives to other friend Waller family tree
Vilmos is my direct relative,was born in Ujvaritanya (Baranya) and
dead in Galvacs, Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen and my friend`s Moshe Avraham,
was born in Satoraljaujhely (.Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen).
Borsod Abauj Zemplen is located on the north east of Hungary and
Baranya, in the south of the country. Are two opposite states.
Maybe is hard to think are the same family, unless if they are cousins
of 1rst, 2nd or 3rth grade.
But Vilmos dead in the same state where was born Moshe, I mean,
Galvacs. This makes the searching more interesting, to find, if both
Waller lines, could makes the same Waller family..

Istvan Esteban Reti Waller
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