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Petsetmetszo would be spelled pecsetmetszo in our days. It is an archaic pr=
ofession, a person who makes seals by cutting them out >from a piece of meta=
l. (metszo meaning cutter. Not to be mistaken with the same word "Metszo" m=
eaning a ritual slaughterer/shochet)


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I am transcribing 1848 Szepes census records and came across a puzzling occ=
upation. Looks like petsetmetszo (with an accent on the second e and diacri=
tic over the final o. Metszo is the root for the word engrave=3D. Pecset w=
ith an accent on the second e means seal (as in official seal, not the mamm=
al). Is petsetmetszo or seal engraver some kind of archaic occupation?

Vivian Kahn

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