HAM(M)ERSCHLAG Family of Bohemia #austria-czech

Susan Buyer <susanbuyer@...>

I was highly interested to read Celia's report of Samuel HAMMERSCHLAG
from Bohmische Leipa (Ceska Lipa). I was aware of Samuel and his
relationship to Freud, but somehow had missed the fact that he was
born in Bohmische Leipa.

This is of particular interest to my genealogical investigations because
I am the second great-granddaughter of Wilhelm (William) HAMERSCHLAG.
My HAMERSCHLAG family (detailed at
is >from Friedland (Frydlant) north of Reichenberg (Liberec). I have
Wilhelm's heimatschein stating his residence in 1850 as Sobotka, which
is not far >from Reichenberg.

Wilhelm's older brother Adolph moved to Vienna; Adolph's descendants
still live in Vienna as well as England and France. Another brother
Ernst stayed in Bohemia and was a textile manufacturer in Reichenberg.
One of Ernst's daughters is listed in Letter to the Stars--she was born
in Friedland and died in Maly Trostinec in 1942.

At least two siblings, Wilhelm and Joseph, came to the U.S. I think
two sisters also emigrated to the U.S. although I have no positive proof.
Probably the most well known of the American branch of this family was
Arthur HAMERSCHLAG, first president of the Carnegie Institute of Technology,
now Carnegie Mellon, in Pittsburgh, and a crony of Andrew Carnegie.

I have been tracing as many HAMERSCHLAG families as I could to try to
find the origins of my family. According to William's New York death
certificate, his parents were Albert HAMERSCHLAG and Regina MAYER. Albert
was probably born after the 1793 census.

Reviewing the 1793 census, I have found a number of HAMERSCHLAG families,
mostly in northern Bohemia, including Ceska Lipa. They are detailed on
(MODERATOR NOTE: This long URL must be copied and pasted in your browser.)
There is a Samuel HAMMERSCHLAG listed in Ceska Lipa, son of Herschmann,
grandson of Jacob.

Unfortunately, Julius Muller's fine indices to the familanten records do
not list any HAM(M)ERSCHLAGs, so I have no bridge between people who were
alive in 1793 and my earliest known family members.

I wonder if my family is related to Samuel's in Ceska Lipa. I would be
very happy to have the group's advice on where to go next in my search.

Susan Buyer
Potomac, Maryland

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